If you own a dog at home then it is an important thing in knowing the age of the dog. You might me keeping a dog in your home but neglecting the fundamental facts that can see to it that you take good care of your dog. Determining the age of your dog helps one provide the right treatment to the dog both on medication, feeding and general cleaning. However, most people overlook this fact and end up treating their dogs 'as just a dog'. This has led to various health problems to the life's of the dogs. The following signs and behavior will enable one to easily know the age of his or her dog:

Breed of the Dog
Breeds of dogs with small body size have the tendency of live longer than dogs with large body size. This is because the dogs with small body sizes always mature more quickly in their first few years of life. This makes tiny breeds not to become seniors and appears young all the time. On the other hand, large dog breeds always growly slowly at first and takes much time in attaining the maturity age. Hence, large body size dog breeds might appear big but might be having less age compared to small dog breeds.

Teeth of your dog
Arrangement of the teeth on your pet ought to give you a rough estimate of the age of your dog. Besides, you can only use teeth to know the age of your dogs if you always take them to a dental checkup on monthly or weekly basis. For instance, a dog that is eight weeks old will all have their teeth compared to a dog 5 years old. This is because the older dogs have heavy tartar buildup and string teeth and occasionally some of the teeth in an old dog might be missing.  Learn how to calculate dog age .

Loose skin
An old dog would have a loose skin with hair often falling off from the skin. This is a complete negative situation on younger dogs as they have tight skin with less instances of hair falling from the skin.

Grey hair
If you note grey hair around the muzzles of your pet, then you have to know that your dog is growing old. These grey hairs often start from the muzzle and spread to other areas like the face and body.

Stiff Legs
The conformation of the legs of your dog will tell you a rough estimate age of your dog. Stiff and strong legs imply that the dog is old while feeble and less stiff legs imply that the dog is young. How long is my dog pregnancy ?