Understanding The Best Friend To Man

It is no surprise that dogs are more humane than are carnivorous according to research conducted among the dog owners. Studies have shown that dogs can watch TV, display jealousy, empathy and also read facial expressions. According to experts, dogs evolved from wolves and became domesticated pets where they have learned traits associated with people along the way. In elderly dogs, aging declined rush in logical reasoning skills and long-term memories, but it's tough for old dogs to learn new tricks.

Large dogs are most likely to live for ten years, but average dogs live up to age fifteen. As hunters, explosive detectors, drug detectors, eye for the blind dogs have been useful to people in many ways. Also, they register sounds of 100,000 vibrations in one second making them hear sounds 228 meters away. Most people cannot hear beyond 23 meters as they register 20,000 vibrations in one second.

Due to the higher number of sensory cells in the ears, dogs tend to have a very strong sense of smell. Dogs such as German shepherds are mainly used as sniffer dog due to a large number of sensory cells in their nose roughly 230 million. Humans have only 5 million sensory cells. When one needs to prevent or breed a dog, there are visible signs to show you that the dog is in the heat. When a dog is in heat, noticeable signs will begin to appear.  Know more about senior dog care .

The dog vulva will appear large or swollen than normal and always comes along with frequent urination and a bloody vaginal discharge. It's often hard to determine how far along the pregnancy of a dog is, and exactly when the dog was bred. It is important to know as a breeder how early the puppies are if they are delivered early. Also, it is vital to know when to expect puppies if the dog is past due date. It is possible to determine how far along the dog is in its pregnancy with the help of a professional or by looking for symptoms.

Mostly, the dogs' nipples become swollen and turn pink when into pregnancy for 15-18 days. An experienced veterinary or a breeder can feel the dogs' belly and determine how far along the pregnancy is. The swelling around the placental area are felt as lumps, and if a small lump is felt, the dog is most probably between 20 to 30 days into the pregnancy. Also, at 21 to 30 days into the pregnancy, a clear, dense vaginal discharge comes from the dog. How old is my dog ?